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What are the benefits of using tinplate

The biscuit tin box manufacturer said that the front of the tinplate box packaging is generally dominated by the company name and LOGO, or advertising slogans; the design should pursue an avant-garde concept; it can be combined with common items on the market or other aspects to create a visual illusion, attracting Eyeballs, win the rate of return.
Cookie tin box

1. Good mechanical properties: Compared with other packaging, the tinplate box has much higher strength, good rigidity and is not easy to break. It can be used not only in small sales packaging but also in large shipping packaging. 2. It has excellent sealing, gas barrier, moisture resistance, shading, odor retention, reliable sealing, and can protect the product to the greatest extent. 3. Mature technology: The production technology of tinplate boxes appeared very early, the technology is quite mature, and the supporting production equipment and tools are also very mature, which can improve the production efficiency to a greater extent, and can also meet the packaging requirements of various products. 4. Fine offset printing: The printing performance of metal materials is far superior to other materials; signs, designs, texts, etc. It is very delicate and round when printing, which can effectively avoid paint and color fading. 5. Different shapes: It can be made into various shapes according to different needs, such as square, ellipse, circle, horseshoe, ladder, octagon, etc. It not only meets the packaging needs of different products, but also makes the packaging more colorful.

These are the benefits of using tinplate boxes that the biscuit tin box manufacturers summarize for everyone. There are tin boxes everywhere now.
If we want to say that there are many common types of packaging products in the current packaging market, we will not hesitate to say that it is a biscuit tin box. When designing the packaging and printing of the biscuit tin box, it is necessary to fully understand the practicability and characteristics of the product in order to make innovative ideas. The whole package reflects the current sense of the times or the retro style and so on. The materials used are tin-plated, imported, tin-plated frosted iron, imported frosted iron and other materials, which need to be considered in the early stage.

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