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Why do mooncake tins choose tin packaging?

The pace of today's social development is getting faster and faster. With the improvement of people's consumption level, the change of consumption concept has also made products more diversified, and the requirements for products are getting higher and higher. The Mid-Autumn Festival is coming, so, don't you wonder why people during the Mid-Autumn Festival choose moon cake tins? The moon cake tin is packed with iron, which can better enhance the value of the product. The product is very textured at a glance, and there are other advantages that other boxes do not have.
The moon cake tin manufacturer said that in fact, there are many kinds of packaging boxes on the market, and paper, wood and plastic are often seen. But for the packaging of moon cakes, the sealing of paper is not good, there is almost no preference for moon cake packaging, the cost of wood is expensive, and buyers do not like wood packaging boxes. The cost of plastic packaging is relatively low, but if it is used to package moon cakes, it is not as good as tin packaging. Plastic boxes are not insulated and cannot block light, so light will not only cause thermal changes in food, but also changes in proteins and amino acids in food. The shelf life of the moon cake itself is relatively short. Under strong light exposure, it will not only harden, but also reduce the taste, and will also cause the moon cake to deteriorate.
Mooncake tin manufacturers say that packaging in iron boxes can avoid this problem. The moon cake tin box is made of tinplate. Tinplate barrels are also known as tin-plated iron barrels. Compared with any other material, tinplate barrels have excellent barrier properties, electrical resistance, moisture properties, shading properties, and good fragrance retention. They are also reliably sealed and can protect the product well. Therefore, the moon cake tin box packaging can be loved by the public.

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