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How to customize the tinplate

Proofing iron boxes before mass production can avoid batch defects caused by products that do not meet the needs of customers in the future. Therefore, the proofing of packaging iron boxes is an essential procedure before mass production.
The appearance of tinplate is very beautiful, and it does not need to spend too much thought on the appearance when it is manufactured. There is also the issue of environmental protection of tinplate. Tinplate is the kind of tinplate that can decompose by itself if you put it in the natural environment, so There is basically no harm to the environment, and we do not need to decompose it deliberately.
The tightness of the tinplate box is also a major reason for its protection of food hygiene and environmental protection. You must know that when storing oily foods, if there is light exposure, it will trigger the oxidation reaction of fats and oils, which will greatly reduce the nutritional value, and may produce harmful substances in more serious cases.

Tinplate can also be used to hold juice, tea, coffee and sports drinks, as well as beer, cola, soda and other beverages.

The tinplate scrap produced by tinplate cans has a lower utilization rate of natural gas resources than the tinplate scrap produced by ordinary iron cans. Making coffee cans is more suitable for the concept of energy saving and emission reduction.

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