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Fengyuan 2014 8th Cross-Strait Tea Industry Expo (Wuyi Mountain)

Published on:

2022-07-05 09:49

Fengyuan booth: E43 E48

1. Exhibitors

Tea production and tea product processing enterprises in the main tea producing areas of the country, tea production and processing enterprises and tea food production and processing enterprises in Taiwan Island, tea production and processing enterprises in districts and cities in Fujian Province, and some foreign tea enterprises .

2. Contents of the exhibition

The exhibition mainly focuses on tea products, taking into account tea beverages, tea sets, tea food, tea machinery, tea packaging, tea technology, tea making technology, tea health care products, etc.

3. Arrangement of exhibition arrangement and exhibition sales

Location: Jingmin Golf Convention and Exhibition Center (building area of 23,000 square meters) and Capgemini Rock Tea City (building area of 20,000 square meters)

1. Exhibition time: from November 6th to 14th, the special booth will enter the exhibition hall, and the general booth will be arranged from November 11th to 14th.

2. Preview time: November 15th.

3. Exhibition time: November 16-18 (9:00-17:00);

4. Dismantling time: 8:00-18:00 on November 19th.

5. Fengyuan booth: E43 E48

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