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Dongguan Fengyuan Can Manufacturing Co., Ltd. 2019 annual fire drill

Published on:

2022-07-05 09:38

The 2019 annual fire drill of Dongguan Fengyuan Can Manufacturing Co., Ltd. kicked off at 17:00 on June 20. The Administration Department organized relevant professionals to give a detailed explanation of fire fighting knowledge and the application of fire fighting equipment, and carried out on-site practical operations . Then, under the leadership of the security captain, a raging fire broke out on the site. First, the employees were organized to evacuate quickly and orderly. The fire extinguishing team quickly lifted the dry powder fire extinguisher, pulled up the fire hose, and put out the flame in the shortest time. The contact team carried out Call the police and ask for the assistance of the fire brigade. The fire truck entered the factory area, and professional firefighters assisted in extinguishing the remaining fire. The drill lasted for 15 minutes and ended successfully, achieving the expected results.
Our company held a series of safety production training activities, widely publicized and popularized laws and regulations and emergency knowledge, and improved the risk awareness of all employees and the safety quality of employees. This exercise has received strong support and active participation from all departments of the company.

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