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With a monthly output of 3million, iron boxes and cans are one-stop production service providers

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Dear new and old customers:
In order to facilitate your business cooperation with our company in packaging procurement, please read the business process and precautions in business cooperation in detail. The entire business process is completed in three stages: pre-preparation stage, actual operation stage, and post-delivery stage. I hope that in the next cooperation, we can cooperate happily and make progress together for a win-win future!

1. Early stage of business:
1. Please confirm whether the ordered product has a registered trademark. If so, please provide our company with a written authorization letter with the official seal of your company in time after the contract is signed.
2. Prepare the layout design, original documents and other related materials of the product.
3. Our company will execute the contract only after the relevant payment is received after the contract is signed.
4. The actual delivery time of all contracts is calculated after mutual confirmation of the original documents of the layout provided by your company.

Second, the actual operation stage
1. After the contract is signed and the relevant funds are received, the contract will officially operate. If the contract needs to be terminated early due to your company's own reasons, the contract deposit will not be refunded.
2. After the printing layout is confirmed, if it is necessary to modify and adjust it due to your company’s reasons, the expenses incurred shall be borne by your company.

3. Post-delivery stage
1. After the production of the product is completed, the relevant personnel of our company will notify your company to pay the balance and then deliver the product to your company.
2. If the products transported by our company are damaged during transportation, your company should confirm in writing with the transport party when you sign for the goods and notify our company in time.