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Dongguan Ferostar Industrial Co., a specialized company engaged in manufacturing and exporting tin boxes. Our products are well known both at home and abroad. Quality and customers' satisfaction are our key attributes. Our overall aim is to satisfy our customers with top quality products and service.

Our unique range of products includes: food packing boxes,candy tin boxes, coffee tins, tea boxes, biscuit cans, chocolate boxes, Christmas gift tin cases, lunch boxes and wine cans; Gifts and promotion items: CD cases, tin albums, cigarette tin cases, tin ashtrays, coin banks, watch boxes, candle cans, tin badges, tin boxes with handle, small tin boxes, tin boxes with hang, tin trays and game peripheral tin cases; New products: we are inspired if our customers have other value-added products.

Innovation, flexibility, performance and accuracy are key points in our designing and developing new products. We are ready to meet our customers' requirements in every aspect.

We look forward to any opportunity to know you and serve you. We sincerely hope to establish a long-term business relationship with you.


Dongguan Ferostar Industrial Co.,Ltd.

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