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Ferostar is a Chinese manufacturer of packaging tins, which having a dominant position in Can Making. Our top quality metal packaging as well as our efficiency, innovation, stability, and reinvestment distinguish us from the competition.

As a professional tinbox manufacturer, we supply an extensive range of both innovative and traditional tin boxes. Our products are used for a wide variety of different applications. Decorative tin cans make superior, high-end cookie tins but are also great for confections, cosmetic tins, coffees, teas, wines,spices, candles, accessories as well as industrial tins for special functions and applications.

Lots of new special shapes and deep embossing have been developed to give your package an "expensive" look. In addition to everyday packaging, Ferostar tins can also be a great idea for:
• Promotional gifts
• Special Anniversaries
• Marketing New Products

Give your product the distinctive look it deserves with a perfect designed package. You can attract new customers or generate repeat business with a permanent reminder of your product and your company.

Our professional staff will work closely with you to provide an exclusively designed metal container for your every packaging need. No matter what you are packaging- stationery items, candy, cosmetics, puzzles, or trading cards -- we have something for everyone. You can choose any size, shape, design, and print and we will bring it to life....

Why Ferostar?

Simple. We are Chinese leading tin packaging specialist.
We have enough production facilities capable of producing over 1,000 different tins at a rate of 2 million per month. All manufactured to ISO9001:2008 quality certification standards.

Ultimately, our goal is to supply top quality products with unmatched customer service and support. Seriously.

In the end, our success is your success.

Feel free to contact us at any time for questions and ordering.

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